How to prevent your house from pests


  • Chamber hunters, this term used for pest control. Today modern pest control is developed according to the latest standards.Pest control by the companies is carried out by the specialists i.e. trained pest control. Seattle Pest Control Company’s professional guarantees you a cost-effective and professional pest control.
  • There are different procedures for pest control.fall-home-pest-inspection-header
  • Use of poison only if a possible health risk for humans and animals can be excluded. Alternatively, ecological methods are used, such as arthropods, spoils, and technical traps. Seattle Pest Control Company offer a wide range of ecological methods.
  • In some cases, it is even necessary to make changes in the living space and the surrounding area in order to permanently and effectively eliminate pests. There are individual control methods for each pest.

Information about individual requirements for pest control:


  • insectsAnts have a great benefit to the local fauna, humans, and their environment. They feed on plant pests and help to rematerialize and loosen the soil. However, they can also be damaged if, for example, they occur in large numbers or are found in buildings. Ants cause feeding damage and cause germs.
  • In order to counteract ants it is helpful not to leave any open foods and to put baits on the ants if necessary. However, if the ants’ incidence is very large, a professional pest controller should be consulted for help. Seattle Pest Control Company will recommend efficient and sustainable measures. Please avoid for your own protection to the independent use of chemicals because their ingredients can be dangerous.

Mice and rats:

  • how-to-get-pest-control-license2Mice and rats are among the most dangerous pests. Whether directly or as reservoir hosts (eg for ticks and fleas), they are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases. They can even contaminate foodstuffs and food damage. By using furniture and cables, they cause short-circuits and fires, in addition to economic damage. In addition, mice and rats are also a psychological burden for many people.
  • In many regions, rats are consequently fought by a chamber hunter. Children and pets should be kept away from the dangerous rodents, so infections and injuries are avoided. Rats and mice are intelligent animals, so have an exterminator in the past often means poisoned bait conducted the pest. This procedure is no longer allowed, which is considered by our exterminator.  The biocides regulation allows for pest control only in exceptional cases.

Fighting bedbugs:

  • pest-control-250x250Bed bugs can multiply very quickly under optimal conditions. The stitches and bites can be very unpleasant for humans. They rarely transmit diseases, but there is a risk of inflammation due to scratching on the itchy stitches.
  • These pests are very persistent and cannot be eliminated with household remedies. Rather, they should be removed by a professional exterminator.


  • There are different types of cockroaches, including German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches. Cockroaches are “omnivorous” and feed on organic, preferably soft and moist materials, but also on rotten foods. They prefer a habitat as a humid and warm environment and are therefore often found in kitchens and sanitary areas. From there, spreading can take place across the entire building. In this case, please contact your exterminator as soon as possible. These pests are in fact due to their way of life, carriers of pathogens and diseases. Their droppings and molting and leftovers can also cause allergies, eczema, and asthma. Seattle Pest Control Company’s experts can remove all these things.